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Here are some links to useful suppliers from a UK perspective.

Web Tools

US→UK Import Estimator

This handy tool will estimate the total cost of importing a knife into the UK when purchased from the USA, see here for rate details. There are links to US suppliers who will ship to the UK below.

This calculator is to give an estimate only and the rates are subject to change, it is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for any official figures! For goods other than knives the import duty rate may be different so this will not be accurate.

Enter total order amount in US dollars including shipping:

$ Calc

Square Footage Calculator

This tool that I have written will help you to calculate the square footage and cost of leather used in your projects.

UK Suppliers

Leather and Supplies

Leather Merchants


International Suppliers



  • Brisa (Finland, Kydex and knife making supplies, recommended)
  • Toolpaw (Czech Republic, leather stamps, recommended)
  • Vergez Blanchard (France, posh tools)


  • Goods Japan (recommended, based in Japan but free shipping)


Knife Making Supplies

Courses in the UK


If you would like to improve your leatherwork and get help from like minded people try some of the forums below!

On-line Knife Shops

UK On-line Cutlery Suppliers

US On-line Cutlery Suppliers with UK Shipping