About Leodis Leather

I began leatherwork as a hobby in 2009 because I wanted to be able to make my own knife sheaths. In the years since I have turned my hobby into a business and am now a semi-professional leather worker. I still work full time in IT so the leather is done on a part time basis when I can find the time for it.

Leodis Leather Origins

Leodis is the old name for Leeds and the owl is the emblem of the city of Leeds. Since I am a proud Yorkshireman this is what I chose to mark my work with.

My work may be marked with one of the following logos:



I don’t have a lot of space (2.5x1.75m) for doing the leather work but I’ve managed to get this little room set up how I like it:

Customer Map

So far I have customers from 36 countries around the World including 35 US states and territories. I get quite excited when someone orders something from a new country! Sad I know :)