Spyderco Sheath Gallery

These leather sheaths are for knives by Spyderco Knives based in Golden, Colorado in the USA. Spyderco are one of the most well respected knife companies around today with a long history of quality and innovation. Their catalogue features a wide variety of models to suit all tastes and budgets.

They are also undoubtedly the friendliest of the knife manufactures and constantly engage directly with their customers and fan base often directly taking feedback and ideas from the knife community into their finished products.

Spyderco Bushcraft

Spyderco Bushcraft Leather Sheath

left handed in black dangler

Spyderco Bushcraft Leather Sheath

left handed with natural edge

Spyderco Bushcraft Leather Sheath


Temperance 2

Spyderco Temperance 2 Leather Sheath

Golden Brown with Border

Spyderco Mule

The Mule Team is a blade blank available in a variety of steels and the idea is that you put your own handle of choice onto the blank. People have used many different materials including wood, G10, cord wraps, corian, micarta and so on.

Spyderco Mule Leather Sheath

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Dark Brown/Havana Sheath for K390/Redwood Burr

Spyderco Mule Leather Sheath

Sheath for VG10 Damascus/Desert Ironwood